“You will be chafing at the bit to use Hardings”

Hardings Proprietary Products was founded in 1992 in response to the need for the Catering and Hospitality Industry for the efficient and constant heating of foodstuffs in chafer dishes.

In conjunction with independent laboratories, substantial product development has resulted in the following additional improvements to Hardings Chafer Heating Fuel:

  • Minimum 3 Hours uninterrupted burning time
  • Maintained flame tem perature in excess of 400 degrees C
  • Non — spluttering, even-burning odourless cycle
  • Shelf life in excess of 6 months
  • Resilience to 85 degrees C
  • Proven economy, safety and reliability
  • Soot free

All our products conform to very stringent quality control standards to ensure consistent fuel burning performance, economy and adherence to very strict health regulations.

Hardings is a level 4 BBBEE Johannesburg based company that manufactures and supply’s Chafer Fuel locally and we have moved into all proinces within South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Mozimbique as well as Botswana.

In line with our continued commitment to the hospitality and catering industry we are a corporate member of the Chefs Association of South Africa .